Supporting our new teachers

On July 31, new teachers in DCSD were given the opportunity to learn from veteran educators about classroom management and specifically, the first day of school. The Douglas County Federation presented research about how to effectively set a culture that allows for strong social emotional learning for students, and gave the new teachers tools they can use on the first day of school. The DCF members who taught the class and the ones who assisted were excited to spend a day with the many first-year teachers in attendance, as well as the veterans who are new to DCSD. Many of the attendees told us told us how much they appreciated and enjoyed the session. Our message is simple: the DCF’s role is to support new teachers however they need–we want all new employees to make DCSD their career destination district. 

Unfortunately, while the new teachers had the opportunity to learn about Air Academy Credit Union and STEP-Emergenetics, who had tables at the new teacher orientation, the Douglas County Federation was not allowed to have a table at this event. We were excited to share valuable information with new teachers about research and best practices for meeting the needs of students. We wanted to inform teachers about supporting students with Autism, questions that promote scientific inquiry and engineering design, about teaching with project based learning, and more. It’s disappointing that new teachers weren’t able to receive this information from us on their first day in our district. 

Share My Lesson is an especially helpful resource for new teachers, and veterans–where everyone can find innovative teacher-created lessons (like Teachers Pay Teachers–but free). One of our members has uploaded 68 lessons onto the site! Look for lessons about the first day of school!

We would love to get information to new (and veteran) teachers. If you want to learn more, let us know by sending us an email