DCF-R members after attending the Colorado AFL-CIO 2018 legislative session kick off!

DCFR Membership Form 

The Douglas County Federation has created a retiree chapter for our local union. As a member of the Douglas County Federation of Retirees you:

  • Represent the interests of retirees;
  • Enrich the lives of members by staying/becoming involved in the Union;
  • Strengthen the local’s, state and labor movement’s political influence;
  • Shape and enhance the quality of life in the community;
  • Are entitled to $1M job-related liability insurance coverage; and
  • Are entitled to AFT+ membership benefits. **

**AFT+ member benefits are available to former members of DCF/AFT only.

The chapter will organize retiree volunteers for various activities and coordinate them with the efforts of the working members. Examples:

  •  Political Involvement – lobbying to secure PERA and other issues impacting retirees
  •  Organizing Drives/Community Outreach – distribute leaflets, speak to workers, and community groups
  •  Social Events – participate in various social events such as art museums, tours, fund-raisers, etc.

In order to accomplish our goal, the DCF would like you to become a member of DCFR.

Spring 2018 Douglas County Federation Retirees dinner

Colorado PERA