How to join DCF

Who can join DCF?

The Douglas County Federation represents all eligible employees within DCSD. 

The following employees would NOT be eligible for Union representation:

Managers, Supervisors and employees who are considered to be “confidential” or have access to confidential district or HR information. 

Why is it important that we are who we are? 

DCF is a professional organization committed to the betterment of Douglas County Schools and dignity for the people who work in them. This includes all DCSD employees, as we believe that every person who has contact with our students is impactful on their education and their future.

DCF was chartered as a local of the American Federation of Teachers in 1972, and was a key part of building our district through continued and award winning labor management collaboration. 

Despite over a decade struggling with politically motivated attacks on our public education, DCF has never given up and never closed it’s doors.

Our members have led in the most difficult of times and we will continue to empower you to lead while doing the hard work to reach our shared vision and goals. 

DCF uses the term “educator” to be intentional about including all employees, rather than simply using  “teacher” which excludes the important work our classified employees do. 

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