Why Join?

How Can the DCFT Benefit You?DCF-LOGO-Small_04

  • Represent members in meetings with administrators
  • Maintain high quality and meaningful professional development.
  • Advocate for improved working conditions
  • Communicate to members changes in district policies and expectations
  • Help improve/implement state and federal legislation.
  • Provide legal representation and support for members
  • Provides national and local benefits.

AFT Benefits

AFT offers many benefits to its members. When you join, you will receive a benefits book offering the following:

  • Financial (mortgage, legal, credit card, and loan information)
  • Health (ear care, dental and visual)
  • Insurance (free 1 year term life and a variety of plans)
  • Technology (AFT web page, discount online shopping, and AFT bookstore)
  • Travel (car rental, theme parks, hotels and motor club)
  • Discounts (flowers, tax guide, dining, magazines, and big deal books)

Be sure to take advantage of these great benefits, especially the 1st year members free $10,000 of no-cost life protection for 1 year. To find out more about benefits, call the AFT Benefits Department at (800) 231-1133, ext. 8643 or go to the AFT Plus website.

What the DCFT Does